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Love Poems For Wife – Where to Find Poetry Online

Poets often ask me, “How did you create an audience for your poetry?” And “Where do you post your poetry?” These two answers are closely related and I wish to answer these questions in this article.
I’m going to dissect every post platform I’ve shared (which I still share a lot today) and share the fors and cons of each one.

Lovepoems site -This site is quite different from most of the poetry sites on this list. All the poems on the site are accompanied by images and you can make really unique tricks with the structure and visuals in this format.
The community is the friendliest I know and has been very supportive of the other poets on the site.

Poetry is indispensable in the lives of each of us! I’ve been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. From our first-year poetry unit where we made haiku, I rub shoulders with poetry. Between the various websites I post on and the notebooks filled with words, I have written several thousand poems and my words have touched millions of people. My advice to most writers who are trying to create an online audience is this:

1. Post to as many websites as you have the time and test the waters. Be open to new sites, formats and ideas

2. If you don’t have time to make friends on the platform, don’t post on it. You need to read other people’s work and comment on interesting things for readers to

3. Publish regularly
This method allowed me to quickly accumulate followers and readers on all platforms.

What I like:
· I have never seen anything like it before. The format is very fresh
· Very nice community and active readers
· Winning subscribers and readers was really easy and natural: they have this trend stream and I hit a few times to win a lot of readers. Incredibly fast growth
· They published a book of poetry in which my friends were featured!

What I don’t like:
· The format is sometimes excellent, but is not ideal for everything. Some of my old poems don’t work with their format.
· Although it is easier to gain followers, the maximum range is smaller. It certainly doesn’t have the same maximum range as something like Instagram